Innsbrook rental issue delayed again

The Innsbrook Village Board of Trustees has once again delayed discussion or decision on whether to ban short-term home rentals, or else how to curb disturbances caused by vacation renters.

Trustees had scheduled consideration of the issue for their Feb. 10 public meeting, with some members expressing frustration that the issue has been on hold since October with no action taken. But during the February meeting, board Chairman Jeff Thomsen said the village’s attorney had legal advice to provide before the board takes any action.

Under that reasoning, Thomsen asked the board to go into closed session to discuss the issue with Village Attorney Christopher Graville. No new developments to the issue were discussed during the publicly accessible portion of the meeting. When trustees emerged from closed session, they voted unanimously to withhold any further consideration of the rental issue until March. Thomsen said the postponement was at the advice of attorney Graville.

“He needs some more time to do some work on this short-term rental matter,” Thomsen said. “So we are going to put off everything on the short-term rentals until our March meeting, and take all of that up at that time.”

There was no public discussion of the privately owned Innsbrook Corporation’s current position on the rentals issue. The corporation controls the homeowners association that governs many of the village’s houses. Corporation leaders previously missed a promised date to provide new homeowners association rules addressing nuisances from rental properties.

Village trustees said they would be satisfied if disturbances could be controlled privately, without new government regulations. In January, they gave the corporation an additional month to propose new rules.

Trustees did not say in February whether any such rules had been submitted.


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