Elections cause shakeups as incumbents fall Tuesday

Adam Rollins
Staff Writer

Challengers for elected offices in Warrrenton, Wright City and the Warren County School District will unseat several incumbents after April 6 elections that saw a wave of voters express a preference for change.

Aldermen Gary Auch and Gary Miller of Warrenton, Alderman Kerry Lambright of Wright City, and R-III School Board member John Clinger all fell short of re-election on Tuesday. In addition, four newcomers were competing for a third open seat on the Warrenton Board of Aldermen.

The only local incumbents to withstand active challenges in this election were Warrenton Mayor Eric Schleuter and Marthasville Mayor David Lange.

The Warrenton city government saw the most contention on the ballot, with three incumbents facing challengers and a fourth position going as a toss-up. Mayor Schleuter was challenged by newcomer Sheryl Cullom, but Schleuter held a decisive lead in each ward and won with 65 percent of 835 votes.

Warrenton’s Ward 1 alderman seat was up for grabs with current Alderman Cheryl Dyer declining to seek re-election. Larry Corder took a clear victory over opponents Joshua Poore, Christine Jaseckas and Mark Andert. Corder garnered 63 percent of the 338 votes cast.

In Warrenton Ward 2, challenger Steven Cullom achieved the first major upset of Election Day by unseating longtime Alderman Gary Auch. The race was closer here, with Cullom taking 57 percent of 281 votes cast.

And in Warrenton Ward 3, newcomer Jeff Jaspering squeaked out a victory with a margin of just 12 votes over incumbent Gary Miller. Jaspering had 102 out of 192 votes, which is 53 percent.

Down the interstate in Wright City, incumbent Ward 1 Alderman Kerry Lambright was unseated by challenger Don Andrews. The challenger secured a wide margin of victory here, taking 79 percent of 104 votes.

Wright City Ward 2 incumbent Nathan Rohr was re-elected unchallenged.

In Marthasville, David Lange will return for another term as mayor after fending off a challenge from former police chief and alderman Gene Jenkins. The race was a fairly comfortable win for Lange, who secured 64 percent of the 306 votes in the city.

Marthasville Aldermen Dan Grafrath and Leo Meyer were unopposed for re-election.

Mayoral proposition fails

Marthasville residents were also asked to consider extending the term length of the mayor from two years to four years. Their answer was a somewhat firm “No.”

Out of the 306 participating voters in the city, 172 (56 percent) voted against extending the mayor’s term length.

Aldermen had asked voters to consider the term extension so that a mayor, once elected, would have four guaranteed years to carry out major projects and initiatives for the city.

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