Election guide: Candidate profiles for county, state offices

Warren County voters will choose their electoral candidates for county, state and national offices Aug. 4. 
Although August is a primary election, only one office on the ballot for local voters has candidates from multiple parties competing for nomination. All other offices saw only Republican candidates file for election, meaning the winners in August are all but guaranteed to take office in 2021.
The Record asked each candidate to respond to a list of questions about their background and priorities if elected. Their answers are below.
Due to space, we have omitted any primary election that only has one candidate. All candidates below are for Republican Party nominations unless otherwise noted. They are listed in the order they appear on the ballot.

County Commission, Northern District

– Jerry “Junior” Myers –
Age: 65
Occupation: Agricultural shop foreman
Previous public office: None
• Reason for seeking election: I have had an interest in politics, especially local politics, since I was in high school. Now that I am retiring in December, I will have the time necessary to truly devote to this job.
Top priorities: With the projected population growth, the county needs to continue to provide the services expected by the citizens, but at an even greater scale to compensate for the larger population, and to do this without any additional tax burdens.
Qualifications: Having worked and managed agricultural businesses and farmed with my father previously, I have knowledge of this county’s agricultural industry. Having managed businesses and departments, I understand budgeting, etc.
What should voters know about you: I have no agenda or vendetta for seeking this position. I have been a conservative Republican all of my adult life. My goal would be to keep the county with a budget surplus and do this without additional taxation.
– Matthew Flake –
Age: 48
Occupation: Warren County sanitarian
Previous public office: Chairman of Warren County Planning and Zoning Commission
Reason for seeking election: I believe my knowledge and experience will be a great asset for the county. I feel I have the experience to allow our county to grow, but still maintain that hometown feel.
Top priorities:
1. Be a good steward for the county’s tax dollars.
2. Make sure county rules apply to everyone in the county equally.
3. Promote business growth within the county that will ensure jobs for its residents. I want to ensure Warren County is a safe place to raise a family.
Qualifications: I have a vast knowledge of county goverment and its codes. I want to see the county grow in a positive, forward direction. I have a very open mind and a passion for our community.
What should voters know about you: I will keep the county’s best interest at heart if elected. I will stay open-minded, active and invested in this community.
– Doug Nordwald –
Age: 56
Occupation: Salesman
Previous public office: Former president and 15-year board member of Sheltered Workshop
Reason for seeking election: To stop bickering, fighting and wasting money on lawyers.
Top priorities:
1. Road maintenance and repair.
2. Bridge maintenance and repair.
3. Develop a work program for our non-felon prisoners to help with road maintenance, repair and cleanup.
Qualifications: I am a lifelong warren County resident. I was born and raised in this town and still reside on our family farm. Work experience with the sheriff’s department, MoDOT, and an active member of the community.
What should voters know about you: Not only am I a lifelong member of the Republic party, but I have the knowledge of our town to maintain it to the best standards. I have the ability to relate to the sheriff’s department, as well as MoDOT, to allow easy and direct communication.

County Commission, Southern District

– Tony Gagliano –
Age: 50
Occupation: Real estate broker, owner of Core Real Estate Group
Previous public office: None
Reason for seeking election: I am seeking election to assist in the future growth of Warren County, while protecting the interest of the Southern District. I believe my experience in commercial real estate over the past 15 years, along with my experience as a small business owner, will help ensure that Warren County grows with the best interest of its residents in mind. 
Top priorities:
1. Smart growth.
2. Fiscal responsibility.
3. Common-sense government.
• Qualifications: My 13 years’ experience running Brewskies, our family restaurant, gives me a small business perspective. My 14 years in commercial real estate has allowed me to work in several counties in several states, giving me an opportunity to witness how counties get it right and how some get it wrong. For the past 27 years I have been a problem solver.
What should voters know about you: Integrity is what I live by. I am a family man who believes in strong family values and small government, but most importantly common-sense government.
– Dave Mikus –
Age: 42
Occupation: Farmer, owner of Pumpkins Galore
Previous public office: Wright City R-II School Board, two terms
Reason for seeking election: I think it is important to recognize competing interests among the county. I want to identify these issues and needs and determine strategies to meet those issues. I would like to grow the tax base to increase revenues, without increasing individual tax rates. I am prepared to make decisions in the  best interest the entire county, and I am ready to apply the ability that has made me successful in business to the business of the county.
Top priorities:
1. Comprehensive five-year roads and bridges plan.
2. Balanced budget.
3. Safety of all Warren County residents, while assisting law enforcement.
Qualifications: My blend of farming, business ownership and continued commitment to my county. I possess conservative values, dedication and a sensible approach.
What should voters know about you: I have a clear vision for creating a sustainable county government that can provide valuable service to the residents. I can offer positive change for our county, to be a voice for our residents, but to also be a listening ear. I possess both knowledge of our community and ethical behavior.
– Luke Struckhoff –
Age: 33
Occupation: Safety officer
Previous public office: None
Reason for seeking election: I want to do my civic duty to southern Warren County. 
Top priorities:
1. Support of vocational trade education.
2. Efficient spending of southern Warren County money.
3. Listen to the concerns of citizens of southern Warren County.
Qualifications: I have a bachelor’s degree in public administration. I have lived in southern Warren County my whole life. I believe in southern Warren County’s core values of respect, honesty and family.
• What should voters know about you: I worked a full-time job and attended college full-time by enrolling in online and traditional evening classes to obtain my bachelor’s degree in public administration.
– Tom Meyer –
• Age: 66
• Occupation: Retired
• Previous public office: None
• Reason for seeking election: To make Warren County a more prosperous and safer place to live.
Top priorities:
1. Get the most out of every tax dollar.
2. Keep all county roads safe and continue to asphalt the gravel roads when funds permit.
3. Improve county development to ensure Warren County is a place we can be proud to call home for generations to come.
Qualifications: I have been a county resident all my life, and I have worked with people all my working career through different business. Since I am retired, I am willing to give up my time for this job.
What should voters know about you: I will be a good listener when talking to people. I will make my decisions on what is good for the county and what the majority of the people wants.
– Jason Boles –
No candidate response received.

County Assessor

– Kathryn “Katie” Smith –
Age: 45
Occupation: County Assessor’s Office manager
Previous public office: None
Reason for seeking election: I genuinely have a passion for the Assessor’s Office and serving others. I consider my co-workers family, and I have the knowledge in place to make sure the office fully functions to the best capacity to benefit the citizens and taxpayers of Warren County. 
Top priorities:
1. Fair and unbiased assessment, providing professional, knowledgeable and friendly services to our citizens and customers.
2. Always be to ready to assist and provide efficient customer service to our citizens.
3. Maintain current stability within the office and staff consistency.
• Qualifications: Currently employed as the office manager of the Warren County Assessor’s Office and have worked within the real estate department for the past seven years. 
• What should voters know about you: I have lived almost my entire life in Warren County, I love my community and I am truly passionate about helping and serving others.
– Terence “Terry” Bracht –
Age: 54
Occupation: Real estate broker
Previous public office: None
Reason for seeking election: I am a lifelong resident of Warren County and have benefited from the community. I would like to hold this office so I can give back some of what I have received from the community using my experience in real estate.
Top priorities:
1. Provide fair and equitable assessments on all residential and commercial real estate and personal property, regardless of ownership.
2. Learn all jobs in the office and use my personal, past experience to offer a fresh perspective.
3. Be on the job and available to the residents of Warren County.
Qualifications: For the last 13 years, I have been a real estate broker with my own small business in Warrenton. I have a BA degree in economics from the University of Missouri - Columbia.
What should voters know about you: What you see is what you get.  If I say I will do something, I do it.  If I say I will help, I help.

State Representative, District 63

– Richard West –
Age: 53
Occupation: Business owner
Previous public office: Mayor of New Melle for four terms
Reason for seeking election: We need to continue to elect good, honest, hard-working people that cannot be bought to ensure that we keep our state moving forward. I believe that I am that person.
Top priorities:
1. To continue to be a protector of our Constitution and the rights granted to us. Our right to life, Second Amendment and state’s rights are among the top priorities.
2. Strict budgetary oversight.
3. Champion small business, including farmers and rural locations, giving a voice to those seldom heard.
Qualifications: I am a strong family man with solid morals and values. I am a retired police detective with knowledge and insight. I am a small business owner having struggled with the overreach and burdensome regulations of government, and a current sitting mayor that knows exactly how hard it is to provide all of the above in government structure.
What should voters know about you: I have been married 30 years to my wife, Lori. We have three children, Anthony, Megan and Tyler. Both my sons have served in the United States Armed Forces and my daughter is a graduate of marketing from one of our great state universities.
–Dale Schaper –
Age: 71
• Occupation: Self-employed, agribusiness
Previous public office: Wentzville R-IV School Board for five terms
Reason for seeking election: To take responsibility in representing the needs of others within the 63rd District.
Top priorities:
1. The effect on the state budget is unforeseen in the current and future years. We must address the needs in the 63rd district and state of Missouri before wants.
2. A tax structure and regulations that appeal to businesses (large and small) with job creation providing economic opportunities for all.
3. Our education system has been challenged for the last year, and the upcoming year is unknown. We must hold school districts accountable for student performance and not sacrifice the future of Missouri students.
Qualifications: As a lifelong resident of the 63rd District, my understanding of the demographics enhances my ability to serve, though it is ever changing in St. Charles and Warren County.
What should voters know about you: Born and raised in Wentzville, married to Brenda (Linnenbringer) for 50 years, three children, all residents of the 63rd District. Property owner in Wright City area since 1970.

U.S. House Rep., District 3

– Brandon Wilkinson –
No candidate response received.
– Adela Wisdom –
Age: 43
Occupation: Farmer
Previous public office: None
Reason for seeking election: To help the community and advocate for causes. To bring change to Congress.
Top priorities:
1. Judicial reform.
2. Economic growth and job creation.
3. Protecting our Constitutional rights.
Qualifications: I am passionate and compassionate. I care about people. I understand the importance of a fact-based approach and the need for a common-sense solution, to find a common ground to compromise.
What should voters know about you: I am a Constitutional Republican and will fight to protect our rights.
– Blaine Luetkemeyer –
No candidate response received.
– Jeffrey Nowak – 
No candidate response received.
– Lynette Trares –
No candidate response received.
– Megan Rezabek –
No candidate response received.
– Dennis Oglesby –
Age: 39
Occupation: Business manager
Previous public office: None
Reason for seeking election:  I have heard repeatedly that our elected officials don’t understand the needs of the working class and are too caught up in partisan games to focus on the issues that really matter. I believe that the only way we can fix our broken system is by electing true working class individuals with heart and empathy, who understand what our residents are dealing with and will actually listen and work for the majority.
Top priorities:
1. Provide expanded healthcare options for our citizens at a reduced cost.
2. Focus on an end to the divisiveness in politics and a focus on the needs of the average resident in our district.
3. Fight for increased workers’ rights, a strengthened public school system, support for our teachers, and an end to corporate greed and corruption.
Qualifications: My business management education and background will provide the expertise to operate our government like a non-for-profit business, as it should be. ... My modest upbringing and current state as a middle-class employee, allow me to truly understand the basic needs of the majority that I aim to represent. Our basic issues are not Democrat or Republican issues, they are American issues.
What should voters know about you: My campaign is not backed by any corporations, PACs, or even establishment political parties. Our campaign is solely backed by individuals who have long been ignored by the career politicians currently in office.


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