Athlete of the Month: Hailey Schanuel

Hailey Schanuel

Being back among her cheerleading teammates this week has brought a tremendous sense of relief for Hailey Schanuel. The incoming Warrenton High School senior has spent the bulk of her days at Black Hawk Middle School Fieldhouse for her final round of cheer camp.

She began the week with immediate excitement, receiving word of an All-American nomination on Monday. Schanuel hopes it’s the entryway to a fulfilling and joyous final year.

Over the course of high school, she has participated in golf for two years and played soccer her freshman year. Schanuel has been a four-year member of the cheer squad, serving as captain.

She has also been involved in Student Council, National Honor Society and the Link Crew, serving as a mentor for underclassmen.

Her future plans are to pursue a nursing degree, and she is interested attending the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

Q: What do you enjoy most about cheer?
“I love being able to stand on the sidelines and support my friends. And I’ve built such a close bond with everyone.”

Q: What are your goals for senior year?
“We have a competition team this year and I definitely want this team to do well this year, and I want us to win a competition and at least get to perform at that level.”

Q: Which sport do you prefer to cheer for most?
“I definitely think I like football more, because I think of Friday Night Lights, and there’s usually more of a crowd.”

Q: What does it take to excel as a flyer on the cheer squad?
“You definitely need to have a lot of balance and a lot of trust, because the people under you are your only hope.”

Q: What opportunities did you experience through COVID-19?
“I definitely stretched every day and gained new skills, stunting wise. Also, we all went in a group chat of all the new cheerleaders, and I got to know them a lot better than I think I would have otherwise.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to about senior year?
“I’m looking forward to finally getting to be with my friends again. I’m ready to make this year count. I want to have fun with sports, while getting good grades.”

Q: What was it like having your junior year cut short by COVID-19?
“It was definitely a shock and very difficult. I had to do my AP classes online, so I was teaching myself and not able to be with my friends, which made it a lot harder.”

Q: Who is a teacher who’s had an impact on you?
“Mr. Shaw has always pushed me to be the best I can be and has always been super inspirational toward me.”

Q: Who has had the greatest influence on your life?
“My family — mom, dad and brother. They always push me to be my best and are very supportive of everything I do.”

Q: What are your favorite memories from high school?
“Cheering, standing on the sidelines, watching us win games and get touchdowns. All together it’s been great.”

Favorite food: “Ice cream.”

Favorite restaurant: “Red Lobster.”

Favorite TV show: “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Favorite movie: “Finding Nemo.”

Favorite song: “Know Your Worth” by Khalid.

Favorite musician: “Khalid.”


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