Athlete of the Month: Drake Myers

Drake Myers

Drake Myers’ journey has taken him thousands of miles around the country to many different homes, bringing unique challenges along the way.

The Wright City senior was born in Tennessee, before his family moved to multiple locations throughout California to accommodate his father’s career. While there, his mother was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, requiring a move to Texas for treatment. Myers would later move to Kansas to be closer to additional family, making frequent trips back to Texas.

His trek to Warren County included a stint going to North Callaway schools, during which time his mother passed away. The final move east has resulted in growth in multiple ways for Myers, who arrived in Wright City prior to seventh grade.

Having immersed himself in opportunities available to him, he is currently playing a significant role on the Wildcat football team. Myers is a consistent figure on defense and special teams and has recently been called to contribute offensively.

For future plans, Myers is entertaining several ideas. Among those is attending Missouri State to major in business administration and minor in entrepreneurship. He aspires to ultimately invest in real estate and start his own business.

Q: Which is your favorite sport and why?

“Football, because it’s literally the only sport where you’re knocked down every play, and you’ve got to get up and keep going. Whenever you make a big play it makes you feel good. There’s no other experience like that. Making a big play, hearing the crowd cheer, having teammates come up and congratulate you. To know you did all you could is a good feeling.”

Q: What is your best skillset as a football player?

“Hustle, because every single play I’m going to be running to that play and going to be the first one there. I don’t want that guy to get any more yards than he’s gotten.”

Q: What are your goals for this season?

“I’m just trying to do anything that will benefit the team. Hopefully through that I can earn all-conference. I feel like some people on the team don’t see the bigger picture. You’ve got to be the team. We have a lot of underclassmen and I’m just trying to set an example for them.”

Q: What’s the best part about living in Wright City?

“I didn’t really like Wright City at first. It was a big adjustment going from Kansas to North Callaway and then here. Whenever we got to high school, I made a whole lot more friends. Football started, and every single football game people from the community come up to me and encourage me. The community does a lot here.”

Q: How have you grown through your personal losses?

“It made me into a person that wants to strive to live in the present and don’t dwell on the past. I held in a lot of stuff for a long time. It didn’t make anything better. It was still the same situation. I realized in life that you’re going to make mistakes but you’ve got to learn from them and move forward.”

Q: Who’s had the greatest influence on your life?

“My dad. He has taught me more lessons than I could count. He’s taught me right from wrong. Every situation I’m put through I think about what he’s taught me and what I need to do right, especially with everything our family has had to go through.”

Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would you want to go?

“I’d say Australia to the Great Barrier Reef. With all the pollution, it might now be around much longer. I’d want to go snorkeling there.”

Favorite Food: “Orange chicken.”

Favorite Restaurant: “Texas Roadhouse.”

Favorite Movie: “The Goonies.”

Favorite TV Show: “Last Chance U.”

Favorite Song: “Depends on my mood.”

Favorite Musician: “NWA.”


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